Ten Tips for Great Press Releases

Ensure that your press release is truly newsworthy–anything else will be treated as spam. Explain to your audience why the information is relevant to them and why they should keep reading past the summary. Start with a great, but concise, summary of your news and then explain who announced it–not the other way around. After ….

How to Format your Press Release

A press release is not an article. The purpose of issuing a press release is, in part, to have others write an article about it but there are some very specific guidelines required by all major media outlets that your press release must meet to avoid it being automatically ignored as spam. Here are the ….

Press Releases Out With the Old, in With the New

The world has always been addicted to news, but take a look around you–now it is everywhere. Gone are the days when you got your news just from the TV at 11pm or in your morning newspaper. Now it’s on the internet, on your iPhone, in your e-mail inbox. News is available 24 hours a ….

Writing a Press Release that Works

To have the desired impact a press release needs to be well written and correctly formatted. It also needs to be truly newsworthy; otherwise it will be rejected as spam. Here is some advice for crafting a press release that will get results and enhance the image of your company or venture: Write Professionally – ….

Writing a Search Engine Optimized Press Release

Well-written and newsworthy press releases can do a lot for your business, whatever your industry or niche. But what if we were to tell you that they can also, if written correctly, improve your all-important search engine rankings? Usually you craft your press release, proof it, and then send it over the wire and that ….

The Benefits of Using an Online Press Release Distribution Service

Are you a seasoned professional when it comes to writing a press release that gets noticed? Have you used this marketing strategy in the past to generate attention for your company or a particular event? If you answered yes to both these questions, you are well aware of what a well-crafted press release can do ….

Seven Press Release Myths to Avoid

Are you tired of wondering if distributing a press release is in your best interest? Are you worried that you are wasting both time and money? Do you have concerns about the approach you are taking and the strategy you are using? There is a right and wrong way of writing and distributing a press ….

Press Release Writing – Five Tips for Success

It is one thing to say you are going to write a press release. It is another thing entirely to do so in an effective manner. Before we go any further, remember one thing: your press release will potentially be read by thousands upon thousands of people. For this reason, you must make sure it ….